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and Spare Parts for Immediate Delivery

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Graviner Mk5 PCB 44728-130 Printed Circuit Board Graviner Mk5 Fan Assembly 44726-106 Graviner MK5 Pressure switch 45625-131 Graviner Mk5 Power Supply Select Card 39832-704 Graviner Mk5 Locating Spigot 23617-403 Graviner Mk5 Air Chamber 33813-402 Graviner Mk5 Lamp Holder 32777-402 Graviner Mk5 Window 31111-804 Graviner Mk5 Air Valve Assembly 45625-130 Graviner Mk5 Solenoid 27481-953 Graviner Mk5 Air Chamber O-Ring 25126-040 Graviner Mk5 Light Source Assembly 45626-120 Graviner Mk5 Photo-Cell Assembly 45626-112 Graviner Mk5 Air Regulator 24124-201 Graviner Mk5 Toroid 44211-115 Graviner Mk5 Washer M5 Plain 21173-008 Graviner Mk5 Washer M4 Plain 21173-007 Graviner Mk5 Buffer 38531-720 Graviner Mk5 Control Button Rubber 38511-738 Graviner Mk5 Washer M3 Plain 21173-006Graviner MK5 Photocell Housing 45626-122 Graviner Mk 5 Sample Valve Assembly 45626 155 Loom A Solenoid 44727-120 Loom B Power Supply 44727-121 Loom E Photo-Cell 44727-124 Microswitch 27483-101

Graviner Oil Mist Detector

Graviner Oil Mist Detector is very successful unit and it is using by hundreds of ships and we can provide you complete sales and after sales support for this OMD because we are maintaining large inventory for complete units as well spare parts also for it. we have experienced, Skilled team for carry out of function test for this unit.

Our Company Undertakes the Fast Replacement or Repair of All Spare Parts for Kidde Graviner Oil Mist Detectors.

The Technical Department, Having A Great Capability and Experience, Can Successfully Rebuild and Repair of Spare Parts. Our Company’s Workshop Equipped with All Necessary Instruments to Carryout Test and Rebuilt Complete OMD and Spare Parts.

We Recommend to use Kidde Graviner Oil Mist Detector

We Recommend you to use for Kidde Graviner Oil Mist Detectors for Diesel Engine/Monitoring and Protection of the entire Diesel, Gas and Dual Fuel engine against severe damage.

A Serious damage may take place in case the Engine leaves its Normal Operational Parameters or an Unexpected Situation Occurs.

The Graviner Oil Mist Detector Prevents the Damage by Actual identification of Poor Quality of Operating media and Critical situations.

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Air Regulator 24124-201 Graviner Mk5
Air Regulator 24124-201 Graviner Mk5
Air Regulator 24124-201 Graviner Mk5
Air Regulator 24124-201 Graviner Mk5